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12/10/17 H. Wilson said:

I consulted with Tracy on two occasions related  to two relatives' estates, one in town and one out of town. Although I was not able to utilize her services as the family decided not to have  the local sale, she was immeasurably helpful to us in a difficult time and consulted with me on the out of town sale and distribution of property. Her wealth of knowledge and caring manner made a difficult process much easier and I am grateful to her for  guiding me through a difficult time when moving a family member into a long-term care facility.

10/30/17 Regina M said:

I felt like life was handing me one upset after another: and to top it all off, I had to sell my house and liquidate my assets. I was so blessed and so grateful for Tracy and her company. She was able to liquidate my assets in a timely manner and get me top dollar for all my pieces including all my family heirlooms and antiques. She was so knowledgeable about Art and knew exactly how to  price the pieces and other items throughout the home. Tracy was so professional and sincere and really cared about my feelings. She told me I could call her with any questions or concerns. She never made me feel like a bother. On the contrary, she held my hand and walked me through the process of it all. So in short, if you are having any doubts, any fears, any concerns….don't! This is the best company to help you with your Estate Sale and with memories. Tracy is the best there is!!!!

7/21/2017 Patsy B said: 

Tracy was great! Even though I did not have enough inventory in my home to take my sale. She took the time to walk me through my home to go through prices, expectations, etc so I could hold my own sale. She was extremely helpful!

6/16/2017 Steve  Schwartz said:

I want to thank Tracy for the successful sale we had a few weeks ago. It went pretty much just as Tracy said it would. She sold a lot of items and even though furniture can be hard to sell she was able to sell as well. 

4/6/2017 Estela Herrera said:

I recently sold my house and decided to use Tracy to hold an estate sale. She is really a true professional and makes the process easy. She was able to find buyers for my son's Lego collection. I could not have done this on my own. From start to finish  the estate sale went smoothly. Tracy knows what will sell and for how much. I highly recommend her services to anyone needing to have an estate sale. 

4/5/2017 Robert Brass said:

I would highly recommend Two Ladies 2 the Rescue! Separating myself from my parents things that had accumulated over 50 years was a very difficult process for me. Tracy was sensitive to my feelings and provided a seamless no hassle service. She was accommodating as well. She did a great job marketing the sale. There was a line of 50 people waiting for her on the first day of the sale. I'm Sabbath observant which precluded me from having the sale done on Saturday and even though Saturday is the best day for Estate Sales. Tracy accommodated me and did the sale Friday and Sunday. I received the check after the sale along with the itemized breakdown of the sale items. No hassle, pleasant, efficient, accommodating thats how I would summarize Two Ladies 2 the Rescue!

3/29/2017 Liz Rosenthal said: 

Super organized and very professional. Tracy put her years of experience to work for us to ensure we had a successful sale!

2/15/2017 Beth Nelson said:

Tracy was like an old friend who literally came to our rescue with my dad's house! My sister and I live out of state and when our father passed away it was practically impossible to clean out  his house in Miami. Tracy met with us on the one day we were in Miami and in just a few weeks had everything staged, priced, and ready for a sale that helped us clean out years worth of stuff. She was knowledgeable, professional, caring and compassionate. Thanks Tracy! I don't know what we would have done without you! 

2/13/2017 Victoria Noriega said: 

Thanks Tracy. You and your crew did a great job helping me liquidate my 34 years of treasures.  I could not have done it without you.  I really appreciated how you helped clean up afterwards and documented everything you sold, you are the best!

2/10/2017 Denise Filipovic said:

Two Ladies 2 the Rescue have taken Estate Sales to the next level! They are professional and considerate to families and their belongings. We are always greeted with a huge smile, and a warm welcome. I highly recommend Two Ladies 2 the Rescue for anyone considering having an Estate sale!

1/14/2017 Marlene Marrero said : 

I don't know what I would have done without Tracy in such a stressful moment in my life. I appreciated her compassion and constant communication. I would recommend her to all my friends and family, she won't let you down. She is very professional and listened to what I had to say throughout the process. I can't thank her enough, the Estate sale was a success. 

11/20/2016 Barbara Alen said: 

Applause, Applause, Applause!!! Tracy, I can't thank you enough. Your professionalism and compassion is heartfelt and very appreciated through this difficult time my sister and I have been going through. You took the time to listen to our concerns and guide us through the whole process. Forever grateful, Barbara. 

11/3/2016 Barbara Burks said: 

WOW!!! Such integrity, professionalism, compassion, kindness,and those are only a few words I can say about Two Ladies 2 the Rescue! Tracy is the ultimate consummate professional!! Tracy is one of the few companies around that will do her utmost best to accommodate you with your sale whether it be buying or selling. She is such a kind, understanding person. If you are thinking of down sizing, moving or have lost a loved on, I can't think of a better company to hire to take care of your needs. If you want honesty, fairness, compassion, understanding, and professionals to take care of those needs, then Two Ladies 2 the Rescue is the company to contact. Believe me, you won't be sorry!!

11/2/2016 Saskia Subramanian said:

Working with Tracy was the very best. We had to deal with my father's Estate from across the country, which was stressful and worrisome to say the least. Tracy walked us through every step in a kind and sensitive way, and she was very respectful about the property that we entrusted to her sale. Her contant communication with us through the process was suburb, and the end result was a terrific sale. Thank you, Tracy!

9/21/2016 Patti Norton said: 

Tracy and her team were a delight to work with! They were friendly, patient with questions, extremely easy to communicate with and above all efficient and thorough. We had a great moving sale and I was very happy with the process, the outcome and their professionalism from the first contact to completion. I had 33+ years of things to sell in my house! I hope to never need them again, but if I did…..I would hire them in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Two Ladies 2 the Rescue! to anyone needing to get rid of their household belongings. I've had my own yard sales before, but having Tracy take care of the pricing, set up and selling was well worth the commission. Thank you! 

8/31/2016 Raquel Tennen said:

Calling Two Ladies 2 the Rescue was the best decision I made after selling my house. Tracy, the owner is a wonderful caring and very professional person. She went out of her way to help me by doing a fantastic set up and a very successful Estate sale. I'm also very happy with the service her assistants gave to my sale and feel fortunate to have had the  opportunity to use them again. Yes, two years ago she did my mother's Estate sale and it was also a great success. I recommend Tracy and Two Ladies 2 the Rescue very highly. Thank you very much Tracy, I will definitely be in touch. 

8/25/2016 Barry Kilcoyne said:

As a buyer, I have been attending garage sales, estate sales and auctions for over 30 years. I enjoy going to the Two Ladies 2 the Rescue Estate sales  because I find a wide range of unique and quality items at a fair market price. It is a pleasure dealing with Tracy , who is fun, honest, knowledgeable and professional !

8/22/2016 Edward Abraham said: 

Tracy has been extremely helpful. She is a true professional and cares for her clients needs. She has gone above and beyond for me, and I am truly appreciative of her efforts. I do not hesitate in recommending her to anyone. Thank you Tracy!

8/17/2016 Karen G said: 

Two Ladies 2 the Rescue! were absolutely stellar!!!!! Tracy and her team were true professionals. They answered all our questions and helped to make the moving process easier than we expected. I would recommend Two Ladies 2 the Rescue! to anyone that is considering an Estate Sale and wants positive results.  Thank you Tracy for the great job!

7/26/2016 Nancy Gorman said: 

I just spoke to Tracy. She has been very professional and directed me in the right direction within my current situation. I have to empty my parents Estate in less than one week. I do not live in the state of Florida, so it makes it even more difficult. I really appreciate her professionalism and will certainly recommend her! Thank you Tracy.

7/6/2016 Jay Cohen said:

Tracy came out and met with my sister and I and we were in constant communication up until our meeting. Very organized and very methodical process. Sadly, my sister and I butted heads on how to go about liquidating the personal belongings but it had nothing to do with Tracy, who I would have used in a heartbeat (we ended up donating everything to the Vietnam Veterans organization) I highly recommend Tracy (Two Ladies 2 the Rescue) if you need Estate liquidation services.

7/3/2016 Nancy Edwards said:

Mom knew she needed to move closer to me in Virginia after Dad died, and we were able to find someone to help her decide what to take. That left 60 years of things that needed to be out of the house before it could be sold. Tracy came in and managed 3 days of sales for us which cleared lots of things, and after the sale, found us someone to buy what remained. There are lots of people that follow her and her sales, and we have no doubt we made more money by allowing her to run the sales, plus we could save our energy for the moving of Mom's things. Thanks Tracy!

6/10/16 Penny Davis said:

I always look forward to 2 Ladies sales. They get really interesting listings. The sales are always so well organized and efficient. Prices are fair and Tracy is so invariably pleasant and helpful! I never leave empty handed!! Thanks, Tracy!!!

6/1/16 Barbara Zweig said:

Tracy from Two Ladies 2 the Rescue is the BEST! Not only is she ALWAYS fair with her prices (both for buyer and seller), she is a pleasure to do business with. Nothing is too big or too small- she makes everyone feel important! Thank you for all you do!

5/6/16 Eris Espino said:

Tracy did an excellent job handling my mother's Estate sale. She's knowledgable, professional and throughly nice. I recommend her highly.

5/2/16 Barbara Morris said:

Tracy and Samantha did a fine job with our moving sale. Tracy's contacts made a big difference. Tracy is always on time for appointments and keeps one up to date as the sale approaches and during the sale. After the sale a check arrives in due time. It's always a pleasure to work with Two Ladies 2 the Rescue!

4/19/16 Joann Soman said:

I contacted the firm in a panic-- our closing date had been moved up and we had to get rid of our furniture and stuff ( a lot of stuff from our 32 years of marriage). Tracy came, calmed me down and took care of everything. They got rid of almost everything. I highly recommend their service.

4/14/16 Mayren Castro said:

Two Ladies really came to my rescue! Tracy is very knowledgeable, professional and trust worthy but most of all compassionate. I highly recommend Tracy and her team to take care of your most valuable possessions like if they were their own. It was truly a wonderful experience!

3/4/16 DeeAnne Elmore said:

Tracy is the kind of gal you want to handle those things you don't want to handle anymore. She knows how to take a load off in a kind and nurturing manner…..breathe again by having her relieve your mind. Her assistant Samantha is a gem too.

2/24/16 Monica Santos said: 

My experience with Two Ladies 2 the Rescue! was absolutely fantastic. I honestly felt their genuine compassion and sincerity for their customers. I had an amazing experience and can't wait for the next sale. This company strives itself on excellent customer service and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Tracy and Ladies.

2/7/16 Rosalie Coto said:

Tracy was a real blessing. Her help during a very difficult personal time in my life was priceless.Her kindness and dedication from day one was greatly appreciated. It is incredible how easy Tracy made the entire process for me, I was overwhelmed until she took over. I highly recommend Two Ladies 2 the Rescue!

12/16/15 Bao Lin He said:

I had quite the experience with Two Ladies when I purchased a car from an Estate Sale. They demonstrated high standards, professionalism in dealing with sales. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends.

12/15/15 Michelle Dolin said:

I am so grateful to Two Ladies for helping me and my family through a difficult time when we had to part with my mom's belongings. They were very professional and respectful and helped me focus on my mom's memories. Thank you and know that you can count on them too,

12/3/15 Tensy Tolmos said:

Instead of Two Ladies 2 the Rescue! their name should be, Two Angels to the Rescue!  I was very impressed from beginning to end in the way that the Estate sale was handled. You can be sure that your treasures will be handled like they were theirs. I recommend them with all my heart. Tensy T. 

11/24/15 Susan McGrath said:

Thanks so much for the great Moving sale this weekend!  Tracy, you and your crew were amazing, professional and calm in the midst of chaos. I'm very grateful!! I would highly recommend you to anyone getting ready for a move!

11/22/15 Jenny Priestly said: 

Just wanted to say that the experience of a fabulous shopping experience, is topped by the specialized attention given by Tracy and her staff. Tracy has the friendliest and helpful personality and is always willing to work with you. She is reasonable, ethical and you feel like "FAMILY" from the start. No wonder I keep coming back to her!

 11/22/15 Marta V said: 

We were happy working with Tracy for our Estate sale. She's pleasant and very personable. She was able to arrange for our sale very quickly and in a professional manner. 

11/20/15 Miriam and Irene said:

My daughter and I love Two Ladies 2 the Rescue, or better, we love Tracy!  We always look her up and follow her everywhere. She is great and will always work things out with her customers, with the best attitude. We love you Tracy.

11/20/15 Ethel Neal said:

Tracy's sales are the greatest !!! Beautiful Stuff, at very reasonable prices. Tracy is a real sweetheart. I always stop at her sales first!!

11/19/15 Nelly Mozotenia said:

Tracy manages Two Ladies Estate sales very well. Congratulations on your effort, interest and enthusiasm. 

11/19/15 Milly Collado said:

Love you Tracy! Your Estate Sales are always great!!

11/19/15 Penny McCrea said:

I love Two Ladies! The sales are always terrific and Tracy is always fun!

11/19/15 Rusty and Hilda Townsend said:

Tracy is always fair to all. She is a treat to work with.

06/27/15 Ana Maria Necuze says:

2 Ladies 2 the Rescue sold all our furniture in a weekend! They are very professional and a pleasure to work with! Great service and great ladies! Thank you!

06/02/15 Lauren Gutierrez says:

Tracy made our transition to our new city that much easier by helping us sell our stuff! They did a fantastic job in getting the crowds there, and we couldn't have been more pleased with the results. They are truly professionals and that is evident in their commitment to make every sale a success. They went above and beyond in getting the job done!

11/17/14 Jennifer Archer says:

Two Ladies 2 the Rescue was very professional and easy to work with during our Estate Sale Tracy and her team helped us clear out a substantial portion of the items from our home during our moving process. We are so grateful for their services.

10/13/14 Marie Barnes says:

Two Ladies 2 the Rescue! provided the utmost expertise and professionalism, with a tremendous amount of caring and heart. They handled the estate sale for our family after my mom passed away. It was an enormous undertaking and the best decision I made was to work with Two Ladies!

10/07/14 Leo Dodier says:

We love Two Ladies to The Rescue!! I have been a Realtor in South Florida since the 80's and my wife and I are the founders of World of Hope Furniture and Thrift, a non-profit supporting kids and women in distress. Two Ladies 2 the Rescue are truly professional and do an excellent job at staging, pricing and selling almost everything at their estate sales. Left over pieces they often will donate to us and the clients then get a tax deductible receipt for their donation! This maximizes the return for their clients and helps support the less fortunate as well. Please give them a call - you will love them too.

09/14/14 LisetticaMIA says:

What can I say if you find yourself overwhelmed with a house full of stuff the team to call is Two Ladies to the Rescue. Hands down I wouldn’t deal with anyone else. They are professional, priced right, respectful with the owners property and their energy makes the sale. I always look forward to the next one wish there was one everyday!!!!

09/07/14 Gerald Carter says:

I definitely recommend working with Two Ladies To The Rescue! Tracy communicated often and very efficiently. We were able to coordinate schedules, since I was flying from out of state to come to the sale in Miami. They were very accommodating, fair, and easy to work with. This is a great business that is run by genuinely great people. They take care of their customers and clients needs first. The entire transaction and encounter was a positive experience! I sincerely support and highly recommend, without reservation, working with their team.

09/01/14 Barry Salmonsen says:

Hello – The 2Ladies were very professional in handling a relative’s contents sale. I live in another state. These folks took care of all the details and moved the contents of value. Thank-you. I needed help and they came through! Recommended.

08/28/14 Martha Hernandez says:

I would like to praise the TWO LADIES and company, who worked so hard to make my sale a complete success. Their professionalism goes beyond words. And, most important to me is their compassion and understanding, their honesty and their diligence. To all who would like to know Why Them?… you have it! Thank you, LADIES, my Saviors!

08/13/14 Holly says:

Amazing sales! Amazing bargains! Two amazing ladies! They are a pleasure to work with. They treat every customer with respect and always make you feel that you are getting your money’s worth. They have changed the way estate sales are done in Miami creating such a welcome shopping experience for every shopper. You can’t go wrong shopping their sales or listing your sale with them.

07/18/14 Lori M says:

Two Ladies to the Rescue more than lived up to their name at a recent estate sale they coordinated for my family after the passing of my mother. They went above and beyond in their efforts to help us clear items out of her home during a difficult time and under time pressure as well. They are professional and and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend their services if you are looking for a company to coordinate a successful estate sale!

06/29/14 Troy says:

I am a regular estate sale attender, and I must say this “2 Ladies @ the rescue” is only THE BEST I have ever seen in my 14 years experience, They run a proper estate sale which is not a scam or gimmick; like most sales advertise an estate sale they bring in items from consignment shops and, ebay rejects or other means, of junk merchandise that are not estate items. This is a very CORRECT ESTATE SALE DIFFERENT FROM THE REST ! Every item is priced to sell without looking for top retail dollar, Everybody can make a buck or find a treasure for theirself, It is the best estate sale in my experience !!! out of all the this is THE ONE

05/11/14 Martha Rock says:

Great business and a pleasure to work with.

04/13/14 Linda & Jorge say:

Found this team when I popped into their very first sale ever several years ago. I was hooked right then on their energy, enthusiasm, friendliness and professionalism. Two years later they helped us with our own moving sale — a tremendous success! We’d recommend “Two Ladies” without a breath’s hesitation. PS-congratulations on your new website!

06/29/14 Troy says:

I totally agree with you !! Two Ladies 2 the Rescue are very warm and kind energy, they are fabulous !!!!

04/12/14 V.T. says:

What a fun sale up in Miami Shores this weekend. I found original 1930′s Monterey furniture, in great condition.
Thank you Tracy, keep bringing us those super sales!

03/24/14 The Ramseys say:

Love the 2 Ladies! Our moving sale was well organized and items displayed beautifully. These girls are efficient,hard-working and great at what they do. We were 100% pleased and highly recommend Two Ladies 2 the Rescue! Thank you Tracy!

01/26/14 Alicia says:

Two Ladies to the Rescue really did rescue us. We had to empty out a 4 bedroom house with a lot of “stuff” and were very worried we couldn’t get it done in time. Two Ladies 2 the Rescue rescued us and it all got done! Thank you again, Ladies!

12/15/13 Cici C says:

Two Ladies 2 the Rescue rescued my siblings and I by helping to sell much of what we needed in order to have the house ready for closing. None of us live in Florida and we needed help. Our parents lived in the house for 45 years and one can only imagine the amount of things that accumulated over those years. They were very professional and thoughtful about this emotional and very difficult process for us. My parents’ neighbors were also extremely impressed and I gave them all Two Ladies 2 the Rescue's website name. I would HIGHLY recommend their services.

12/15/13 Mark H. says:

I could not have been happier with Two Ladies 2 the Rescue. From start to finish they took all the headache out of selling stuff from our house. They came by for an initial visit, then tagged everything with prices, conducted the sale and sent the check. They worked hard and were honest at every turn. I would use them again and I recommend them to all my friends.

10/20/13 Susan Welsh says:

Two Ladies 2 the Rescue are awesome, hardworking, honest, dedicated estate resellers with the VERY BEST prices. Compare them to the estate sale divas in town and they will shine hands down. Currently I am a shopper that would not hesitate for a minute to hire them when needed. If you have not been to one of their sales it is definitely your loss. Not only will you get a great deal, their kindness will put you in a good mood and make you feel like the special person you are.

10/13/13 Patricia N. says:

My experience with Two Ladies 2 the Rescue was superb. They truly came to the rescue. Downsizing and getting rid of stuff is very difficult on many levels…logistically, physically, and emotionally. They handle it all with professionalism, integrity, knowledge and expertise. I definitely recommend Two Ladies to the Rescue.

10/10/13 Linda & the Pack at Hug-a-Dog say:

These gals rock! They handled our moving sale in June (2013) – and boy did they ever move that merchandise! Left with only several boxes of “stuff” that we were able to easily give away and voila! our house was ready for closing. They are worth their weight in gold, plus they’re fun and upbeat and friendly to one and all who enter the home. THANK YOU GALS!!

10/08/13 Yvonne C says:

The sometimes overwhelming trauma of downsizing was considerably eased with the assistance, organizational skills, experience and professionalism of the Two Ladies. I recommend you make your life easier and retain Two Ladies to help you simplify your life.

Yvonne C

10/07/13 Diane says:

I had the best time at the Two Ladies three day sale this weekend, I visited twice! I found some beautiful Lladro pieces and lots of potted plants and garden items, just what I love!! Thank you to Two Ladies 2 the Rescue for always being so sweet and easy to deal with.

09/19/13 J Bains says:

The two ladies to the rescue are well orginized, professional and make your treasure hunting a fun experiance as well as great prices John B

08/23/13 says:

“Why Us | Two Ladies 2 the Rescue” ended up being in
fact enjoyable and educational! Within the present day universe that is tough to accomplish.
Many thanks, Venetta

08/02/13 Leslie Cortina says:

When we sold our home and had to empty a big house with lots of furniture, i thought it could not be done. But they did the job. When I came back after the three day sale I could not believe my eyes. They sold everything!!!!!!! They are very professional and have a keen eye for what can be sold. I highly recommend them.

06/24/13 L & D says:

We love the 2 ladies! They are efficient, well organized and easy to work with. It’s a pleasure to see a professional team with a personal touch. Thanks

06/24/13 L & D says:

The two ladies are efficient, well organized and easy to work with. It’s a pleasure to know that the sale is professionally handled with a personal touch. We highly recommend Two Ladies 2 the Rescue!

06/04/13 Benjamin Morgan says:

Five Stars for them! My home and lifestyle is outfitted for the most part from estate and moving sales. I have also run a few on my own. After attending several of the Two Ladies sales I have found them to be fully professional, well organized, friendly and ready to work with the customer. No junk or broken items at their sales and they are honest and straight forward. I highly recommend them to both the treasure hunter and those who use items on a day to day basis. If you are looking to downsize your possessions or dispose of a loved ones estate Two Ladies 2 the Rescue will do it in a caring and trusting manner.

Benjamin Morgan

06/01/13 Anonymous says:

They really ARE 2 ladies to the rescue! We sold our house quicker than we ever imagined, and these 2 fabulous women were referred to us by our realtor. It was a wonderful recommendation, as they were the absolute BEST. They surveyed our house, and let us know the value of our belongings, and promptly set up a sale and handled all of the details. They were a pleasure to work with and always responded to any questions. They were a pleasure to have in our home, as they are friendly and professional….a great combination. Besides that, they really know their stuff, and if there’s something they’re not sure of they find the person that does. I have to say our estate sale was better than we expected, and I know it was because of Two Ladies 2 the Rescue….they go the extra mile, and do whatever it takes. I highly recommend Two Ladies 2 the Rescue. Take my word, you won’t be sorry.

05/20/13 leo says:

These girls have what it takes to run a first class operation and they offer the client excellent service. I would recommend these two ladies for any estate liquidation. Their book keeping is meticulous and they pay super fast.

05/10/13 Yanet says:

They are THE best!! Definitely the way to go if you need to get rid of old junk or find treasures. Plus, as a bonus you get two wonderful ladies and an excellent team working for you  [:)]  love you both!!

05/03/13 Bruce Neumann says:

When I got a quick offer on my mother’s home, I was frantic. How do I close in five weeks with a house full of 40 years worth of “stuff”, while living 1200 miles away (in Chicago)? Enter “Two Ladies to 2 the Rescue”! They assured me that they would be able to do the sale and maximize the return. Not only did they deliver on their promise, but they did so in a caring, friendly way. They looked at the home and posessions with the help of a friend and began the planning and publicity. I flew into Miami and met them on a Wednesday. After two days, they were ready to go. They ran a successful weekend sale, selling the majority of the items and keeping the few remaining things organized and easy to donate. All in all, a painless way to achieve what could be stressful, traumatic result; selling my deceased mother’s stuff for me. I would fully endorse these ladies to anyone who wants to have a successful event and accomplish the needed result with the utmost honesty and integrity.

04/02/13 Neumann Family says:

We were so fortunate to find Two Ladies 2 the Rescue. My father’s home was built in the 1940′s in Miami. My family had many treasures they had cherished and collected for over 60 years. The Two Ladies handled all the advertising and labeling of all the items and setup for the sale. Some of our friends and neighbors attended the sale and said they had never seen such a professional and orderly sale. We had such peace of mind that they would treat all my families memories with respect. We don’t live locally and it was such a pleasure to turn over this responsibility to Two Ladies 2 the Rescue. If you need to have an Estate Sale don’t hesitate to give them a call. Thank you again Ladies for a very successful Sale.

03/15/13 Eric & Sylvia says:

We have so much fun hunting for Treasures at all their sales. we never miss one. They are super nice and always give Great Deals. Can’t wait until the next one:)

02/23/13 Robinson Family says:

We can recommend the Two Ladies 2 the Rescue if you are having an estate sale. We had no idea that so much goes into making an estate a success, but the two ladies delivered great results for our family’s estate sale in Miami. They organized and displayed all our items for sale and effectively marketed the sale to bring in a large number of customers for each day of the sale. They managed pricing effectively to maximize the total sales, clearing out nearly all the inventory at very good prices. They even worked their network of commercial buyers for specialized items. If you want to hold a successful estate sale, the Two Ladies 2 the Rescue is the way to go.

From the Robinson Family

02/22/13 Barbara Morris says:

Two Ladies 2 the Rescue are AMAZING! They truly did rescue me. My mom had saved so many things and had so many collections that the thought of selling her things had my head swimming around in circles. They gave me peace of mind and treated my mom’s things with great respect. To me, they accomplished the impossible. I enjoyed every minute working with them and the buyers were singing their praises, too. It would be hard to have a more satisfied customer. Thank you, Two Ladies 2 the Rescue for being there for me!

02/20/13 Bryan says:

These two do a super job at advertising, I followed the “Tennis Lovers” sale they had last weekend through their Facebook page and got some great tennis racquets, and brand new tennis bags. Thank you again.

02/20/13 Gary Morris says:

The Two Ladies 2 The Rescue are a teriffic team. Their service is superior. We didn’t have to do anything. They took care of everything necessary for a super sale. They found buyers for my collection that I had been told was unsellable. I couldn’t be happier. They are the best!

02/09/13 Cathy says:

Visited the Two Ladies at the Hialeah Vintage sale last weekend, those Ladies are so fantastic!! Picked up two gorgeous vintage flamingo pieces, love them. Thanks Ladies for another great weekend of Estate Sale shopping!!

02/01/13 L. Hibbe says:

We are recent customers and I can say that the Two Ladies 2 the Rescue did a fantastic job for our estate sale, very professional and careing. We highly recommend them. Thank you Ladies!

01/16/13 Ivis says:

As a customer I can honestly say I always find what I’m looking for at a great price and always service with a SMILE  [:)]  Make that 2 smiles  [:)]   [:)]  If you’re looking for a great estate sale, look no more, follow them and you’ll find what you want and then some! I always do. GREAT JOB LADIES!

12/12/12 C.W. says: 

The Miami Lakes sale was a super sale, I bought two sofas, and a coffee table for a bargain. Very pleased. I will definitely follow these two Ladies to their sales.

12/02/12 Ella Smith says:

I stopped by the 2 Ladies sale in Cutler Bay today, what a pair those two are! They are fantastic.
I picked up a terrific pedestal table at a great price. Thanks ladies!!

10/25/12 Dr. Thurman says:

Two Ladies 2 the Rescue were awesome. I highly recommend them. They really know how to sell.

10/13/12 frank rodriguez says:

we do recommend two ladies 2-The Rescue, on time, reliable and very oriented, exactly who we needed when we needed, perfect job and very friendly atmosphere for all our incoming guest,

good luck to all and thanks, two ladies!!
fjr and family

09/18/12 Paul M. says:

To Whom It May Concern;

It is without reservation or hesitation that I recommend Two Ladies 2 the Rescue, They are a valuable resource and as a potential company to handle a full service estate sale. Our family used Two Ladies 2 the Rescue for all our estate sale resources after my mother’s passing. With all family being remote, we used them as our eyes and ears, without supervision for disposition of our mother’s personal items. I found them thorough, respectful of her belongings and operated their activities with the highest level of integrity and respect for our mother. They exceeded our expectation of results and follo up. Thank you in advance of all the courtesies extended to them in your selection process.

Sincerely, Paul M.